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Criminal charges Archives

Trio of bills calling for expungement reform in New Jersey to be introduced

The unfortunate reality for those men and women who have had any sort of contact with the criminal justice system is that the records of these encounters will likely remain on their permanent criminal record. Sadly, this can result in access to everything from employment and education to housing and other services being severely curtailed.

Supreme Court of New Jersey adopts rule changes to bail system

It's now been roughly four months since New Jersey introduced its drastically overhauled bail system, which no longer relies on cash bail, but instead on a risk assessment score and arguments advanced by counsel at a pretrial hearing.

How concerned should I be about simple assault charges? - II

Earlier this month, we discussed how the law here in New Jersey takes a dim view of even minor physical altercations, such that those who find themselves identified as an aggressor could be charged with simple assault, a criminal offense that's perhaps more serious than its name implies.

How concerned should I be about simple assault charges?

While the venues and the participants vary, the majority of minor physical altercations invariably follow a similar pattern. Specifically, there is some manner of verbal argument that rapidly deteriorates and culminates in violence from pushes and slaps to kicks and punches. The two parties then stop fighting either of their own volition or, perhaps more commonly, because their fight is broken up by others.

State Supreme Court to decide scope of discovery in pretrial detention hearings

As we previously discussed, New Jersey made history back on January 1 when it officially eliminated its cash bail system as a means of preventing indigent, low-risk defendants from having to remain incarcerated owing to their inability to post a cash bond.

Is self-defense your defense against assault charges?

Criminal charges could affect anyone of any standing. Because unexpected situations catch people off guard every day, you could find yourself having assault charges leveled against you and wondering how you ended up in such a predicament. Unfortunately, a variety of circumstances could lead to such allegations, and in your case, you may simply have come across the wrong person or event at the wrong time.

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