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May 2017 Archives

Supreme Court of New Jersey adopts rule changes to bail system

It's now been roughly four months since New Jersey introduced its drastically overhauled bail system, which no longer relies on cash bail, but instead on a risk assessment score and arguments advanced by counsel at a pretrial hearing.

The accused should not be ignored in sex crime investigations

The mandate on addressing sexual assault on college campuses cannot be any clearer, especially considering the scandals involving college football players. As many as 55 schools are under investigation for not properly dealing with such accusations.

How concerned should I be about simple assault charges? - II

Earlier this month, we discussed how the law here in New Jersey takes a dim view of even minor physical altercations, such that those who find themselves identified as an aggressor could be charged with simple assault, a criminal offense that's perhaps more serious than its name implies.

Failure to secure warrant results in suppression of significant drug evidence

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares that individuals are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures by government officials. As to when such an unreasonable search or seizure occurs, case law has firmly established that absent certain expectations, a person's Fourth Amendment rights are violated whenever government agents fail to act pursuant to a lawfully executed warrant.

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