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April 2017 Archives

How concerned should I be about simple assault charges?

While the venues and the participants vary, the majority of minor physical altercations invariably follow a similar pattern. Specifically, there is some manner of verbal argument that rapidly deteriorates and culminates in violence from pushes and slaps to kicks and punches. The two parties then stop fighting either of their own volition or, perhaps more commonly, because their fight is broken up by others.

Penalties for repeat DUI offenders in New Jersey

The penalties associated with driving under the influence in New Jersey become increasingly serious if you were previously convicted of the same charge. Because the punishments connected with such a crime have the capacity to affect numerous aspects of your life, it is important to recognize how future arrests and subsequent convictions may impact you and your life.

Why those battling drug addiction are reporting to police stations

While people might not realize it, New Jersey is currently in the midst of a very real public health crisis that is showing little sign of abating despite the best efforts of state officials. Specifically, the state continues to be plagued by the abuse of heroin and opioids, with the number of overdoses -- many of them fatal -- continuing to climb.

Why casino workers, managers must take criminal charges seriously

In the past, our blog has discussed how the patrons of Atlantic City's seven major casinos should be aware that law enforcement maintains a strong and consistent presence at these establishments. Indeed, troopers with the Casino Investigations Unit are busy cracking down on standard criminal offenses and violations of the state's Casino Control Act 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

State Supreme Court to decide scope of discovery in pretrial detention hearings

As we previously discussed, New Jersey made history back on January 1 when it officially eliminated its cash bail system as a means of preventing indigent, low-risk defendants from having to remain incarcerated owing to their inability to post a cash bond.

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