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November 2016 Archives

How much do you know about the law enforcement presence at NJ casinos?

Casinos naturally have a reputation for being wild places owing to their steady supply of gambling and alcohol, their lavish clubs and shows, and, of course, their often outlandish decors. While it's certainly true that things can become very rowdy at casinos at virtually any hour of the day, it would be a mistake to consider them as being some sort of lawless establishments.

Supreme Court of New Jersey's ruling raises concerns about unlawful searches and seizures

In the United States, many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today are derived from the U.S. Constitution. In the criminal justice system, the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is one of the most important and frequently cited doctrines and protects an individual's right to privacy by limiting the circumstances under which law enforcement officials are allowed to search or seize materials from an individual's home, property or person.

Understanding more about New Jersey's drug court system

While there is an unfortunate tendency to identify anyone involved in the criminal justice system as a hardened criminal, this is far from the reality. On the contrary, many of the people taken into custody by law enforcement officials are actively struggling with substance abuse issues.

Why are over 20,000 DUI cases in New Jersey being called into question?

While the results of breathalyzer tests are admissible as scientific evidence in DUI cases in New Jersey, the state Supreme Court ruled in a 2008 case, State v. Chun, that certain criteria must be satisfied in order for this to happen. Indeed, the device must be functional, both regularly inspected and properly calibrated, and administered by a certified operator acting in accordance with established procedure.

When Your Child Is Accused Of Committing A Crime

Most adults in New Jersey can likely think back to their teen years and recall a time or two that they did or said something that they later regretted. Growing up, we all make mistakes and, unfortunately for some young teens, those errors in judgment can end up having serious and far-reaching consequences.

Report: Pot possession arrests surpass those for violent crime

Back in September, our blog discussed how two state lawmakers introduced controversial legislation calling for a reversal of New Jersey's longstanding position toward marijuana, with one bill essentially calling for residents 21 and over to be able to legally possess up to an ounce of the drug, and the other bill calling for its complete decriminalization.

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