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September 2016 Archives

Is New Jersey moving toward marijuana legalization?

While it may seem hard to believe, voters across the nation will head to the polls in a matter of only weeks to cast their votes in a host of races for state and federal office. Furthermore, voters in many states will also be called upon to decide important ballot measures ranging from the mundane to the highly controversial on Election Day 2016.

A closer look at how New Jersey defines domestic violence

Those who have been charged with domestic violence are often left wondering how exactly they went from arguing with a significant other to being taken to a local precinct for booking. Indeed, it may have all happened so fast that they don't know what's happening.

Understanding more about the collateral consequences of a DUI conviction

When most people find themselves facing drunk driving charges, their thoughts inevitably focus on the possibility of lengthy incarceration and the levying of steep fines. While it's certainly true that New Jersey's DUI laws do call for relatively harsh punishments in this regard, it's important to understand that there is more to it than these two concerns.

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